Avalon Reiki Massage and Healing

Al expertly blends the storytelling art of meditation, with feather light Reiki touch, and strong massage to relax and release tension held within the body. Weaving in earthy elements creating a customized session with crystals, plants and trees, and animal spirit magic. His Celtic shamanic approach is unique and intuitive!

Call or text me at 250.804.6373 or email me at alan4570@telus.net.

Alan McClelland

Price List

I employ a soft to medium massage with organic coconut oil aromatherapy, crystals, and stones with soft Celtic music in the background and use seasonal plants to assist. My purpose is not to heal you, but to do my utmost to help you settle, and release your tensions by using Reiki as well as opening up your chakras to help in getting relaxed to address the day and your priorities.
60 min $90
90 min $120