Darlene Turner

We are powerful beings beyond this physical body. Our physical existence is a mere fraction of the truth of who we really are! Part of your purpose here is to evolve and integrate this highly advanced being that you are into the physical body. This requires massive upgrading to the energy lines of the body. This expanded part of yourself is much lighter than the density of the body and holds a much higher frequency and vibration. It is also very electrical, which can overload the body's meridians and nervous system affecting the health of the overall body, causing possible disconnects in meridians, disharmony in the functioning of the organs and systems, as well as physical pain in the body. This is known commonly as ascension symptoms.

Darlene is gifted with the ability to intuitively feel where the body has blocks. In your session, she will use hands on and energetic work to identify where the imbalances are and release them to zero point, or neutral, so your body can find the new balance required to upgrade.

Darlene has done her work to claim the ever-expanding Mastery title. She can feel where the energy blocks are in the physical body and bring them to zero point. There is a hum like power station within her body as this process happens when zero point is hit, thus the hum instantly quits. She has been known as ‘magic hands’ through her hands-on massage and with her energy work the pain is gone, the energy lines come into balance, and the physical body can find its new place of balance.

Darlene is a kind, gentle, compassionate person and is easy to talk to, with no judgment. She can assist you to embody your Mastery. Darlene is certified in Theta Healing, Chakra Crystal Clearing, Access Bars as well is a Registered Equine Therapist.

Contact Darlene at 778.866.8477, or darlenetlchealinghands@gmail.com

Darlene Turner

Price List

Ascension Symptom Session
90 min $150
Embodying Mastery Coaching
1 hour $100
Mindful Movement Class
1 hour $15
Ascension Doula Package
2 Ascension Symptom Sessions
2 Embodying Mastery Coaching
Access to all classes