Dragonfly Soul Healing

My name is Charla Hoffos, the face behind Dragonfly Soul Healing. Over the past seven years I have been working on my own healing and spiritual growth. Through guiding others on this spiritual journey, I have found that I learn from my client's as much as they learn from me. My readings consist of tapping into the client’s energy field and using the tarot cards for clarification. Each session has its own unique healing experience by bringing forth guidance for the clients highest good. My goal is to bring in clarity and a new perspective in order for the client to shine to their truest potential! It has been a pleasure to watch so many souls awaken and evolve over the years, I would love to be there with you on your journey as well!

☆Akashic Clearing- we dig into the repeating patterns in your life and find the point of origin in the past life where you started these cycles. Many tools are used such as emotional release, clearing statements, cord removal, contract clearing and integrating, as well as reconciliation. ☆Tarot Reading- Brings in guidance that you need most at that time to allow you to move forward with more ease and understanding. The goal is to clear your energy field to help you feel lighter and more expansive. We will go through many different techniques to bring up what is ready to be cleared at this time. Each session is unique to you so allowing things to flow brings in the most healing. You may feel energized after and you may also be tired as well. Some things need time to integrate and shift so you could feel a shift in your body and energy for a couple days after depending on what we clear and how your body reacts. Give yourself some grace and listen to what you body needs afterwards!

Call or text me at 250.463.9978 or visit my website at https://dragonflysoulhealing.as.me/ or email me at dragonflysoulhealing@gmail.com

Charla Hoffos

Price List

Quantum Healing Sessions
Quantum Healing involves the shifting of quantum ties, bindings, and energetic blocks that accumulate through time and space, usually stemming from past lives. We will go in and find your point of origin and remove these blockages, so that you may move forth in this world unbound from your past allowing you to be free in the present thus allowing your highest timeline to come in. Quantum Healing sessions can include Akashic Clearing and/or the tarot.
In-person (1 hour) $133
Online (1 hour) $133
House Clearings
This is a powerful way to shift your energy in your environment thus helping give you a shift within your own being as well. Charla will guide you through your house smudging, sound clearing, removing entities, closing portals, and shifting energies. She will teach you how to do this for yourself in the future, by giving you a lesson on how to check and clear energies with the pendulum and other tools. It's a full interactive experience.
2 hours $222
House Clearing & Quantum Healing Combo
This is all the loveliness described in the house clearing session, plus you'll get a one on one Quantum Session with Charla. This can be booked at the same time, or can be arranged for a different date.
3 hours $333