Michael Turner

Michael Turner is...a father, husband, friend, brother and community member.

Michael has been training in martial arts for 35+ years. In his time one of the biggest self-discoveries was the ability to sense and move energy. Through light touch and intention, pain would disappear instantly, mental and emotional issues were also calmed and abated. My wife, pregnant at the time with our first daughter was very happy to receive nightly treatments for her low back pain.

Early in his martial arts journey, he met a Sifu (teacher) named Frank Boshard. Among the many gifts from Frank he learned the art of the iChing. Through the iChing, he found clarity and purpose. Issues not even on his radar would come through loud and clear from the readings. He started offering to do readings for just friends and family. Many received exactly what they needed in the form of clarity and all were "spot on" for what was brought forth.

Jump forward 20 years or so. Michael was introduced to the modality known as Bars. Through the structure offered by this modality, Michael could allow his natural gifts of presence and openness to flow freely through a client, leading to the term "the Michael affect".

Michael now resides in Paradise (Paradise Point, Tappen BC) pursuing his passions of; Gardening, Tai Chi, Hiking, Kayaking and of course, Building heart centred Community.

Call or text me at 778.889.9060 or email me at wide.eyed.video@gmail.com.

Michael Turner

Price List

Light on Your Path
Each session begins with a guided breathwork meditation for grounding and getting the "monkey mind" out of the way. Next a personal iChing reading. While holding the feeling of the situation most pressing in your life, and then casting the coins. I empower you to build a personal symbol revealing the answer to your question of clarity, direction and focus. After you have the clarity given in the iChing session, we will begin a session my friends and family call the Michael Affect. Practicing the modality Bars since 2012 and bringing my own unique abilities to the session you can release lifetimes of trauma, remove implanted ideas and beliefs, instantly see your path cleared of whatever is holding you back and restore your body and life back to full health.
100 min $111
Cheng Man Ch'ing One-on-One Class
Michael will show and teach the 37 movement Cheng Man Ch'ing style of Tai Chi.
50 min $40