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As a mother of two boys with an avid love for the outdoors Terri takes her health very seriously. Going through health challenges of her own, she learned that she was a big part of her own healing. Along the way she realized that she was able to help others learn to overcome health challenges as well.

Eventually she began working in health food stores where she learned what customers needs and wants are. She has been working in health food stores since 2009 at which time she completed her Certified Holistic Nutritionist Designation in 2014. During that time she was also introduced to Live Blood Analysis which she found absolutely fascinating. She took the steps to learn Live Blood Analysis in 2015 and has been doing it ever since.

Looking at one drop of live blood with a high powered microscope can give great insight into what is happening in the body. The dry blood analysis is the second part of the appointment which confirms the findings of the live analysis and can unveil other health issues that may be a priority. What do you need to work on to reverse your health challenges and achieve overall better health? See for yourself what the patterns are in your blood. Call Terri for an appointment today to help you with that journey.

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Terri Kovacs

Price List

Live Blood Analysis
Live Blood Analysis (1.5 hr) $188
Live Blood Analysis Extended Report (1.5 hr) $228
Follow-up Appointemnt for Live BLood Analysis (40 min) $80
Other Services
Holistic Consultation (30 min) $58
Supplement Consultation (20 min) $39
Blood Type (10 min) $18