The Witchatarian

Hello everyone my name is Rose and I’m The Witchatarian, and a Director of the Gypsy Moon Collective.

My life in the past year has most definitely shifted.

Monumentally shifted.

In January of 2020 I went through a Dark Night of the Soul, and found myself grasping at life trying to make sense of it all. I was swirling in depression and anxiety from the loss I felt of not being able to control my circumstances and environment in my life.

In March I followed the breadcrumbs the universe was leaving me to a beautiful soul that facilitated Past Life Regressions. Then not too long after a session with her I decided to reach out to another amazing being and took my Reiki level 1. In those two experiences I had a deep knowing brought to my surface that I could trust my intuition in a very profound way. It was then that I started to use my intuition daily through meditation and using my Tarot cards. I found myself becoming obsessed with learning how to read energies in the cards and reached a point where there was a divine fluidity of my knowing that was accessed. I read for friends and was almost in shock when I would receive confirmation after confirmation that they were resonating with my words. I at that time had a full-time job as a food and beverage manager at a busy restaurant, so my time to devote to my new found gifts was unfortunately very limited.

August of 2020 I decided to make myself a priority. I started to fill my cup, and sought out many different energy practitioners and modalities. Healing myself and taking time to put my energy at the forefront of my life allowed myself to start to view life from a higher more attuned perspective. I became obsessed (in the most positive way) with getting treatments, and made sessions a weekly practice in my life. I experienced craniosacral, reiki, bodytalk, biofield tuning, massage, and others.

The deeper I got the more I found myself opening up spiritually and embracing gifts I never knew that I could possibly have. With each energy clearing I felt more and more in my true frequency, this made life become more and more magical.

It was December 31st 2020 when I found myself sitting at a table across from my boss, telling her that my soul was needing to move on to follow my passion. I opened up a cozy little Tarot shop in my hometown of Salmon Arm, something I never ever thought I would be destined for. It felt good, it felt like my soul was recharging and everyday felt like a gift. I received confirmation after confirmation from the universe that the path I was choosing was aligned to my highest timeline. I started to find myself attracting my soul tribe and I could see that the divine was integrating us together in very awesome ways.

I started to receive download after download from source that there was a need for the healers to come together, a beautiful community of like-minded individuals that needed a safe and encouraging space to grow together. I in my unknowing at the time could not foresee how this was to come about, I just held the idea close to my heart, and trusted all would unfold as it was meant to. I’ve included a detailed account of how the Collective came to be located here.

Everything came together exactly the way it was supposed to in a span of only a few months. I never found myself disappointed when something didn't work out the way I had intended it, because I could see the universe working out a bigger, brighter and more beautiful plan that I had not even been able to imagine.

Is my life perfect in every moment?

Well yes it is.

That doesn’t mean it's not chaotic, or heavy at times it just means that I always hold the knowing that everything is working out exactly how the divine has planned. I allow my guiding force to be that of surrendering and in doing so source has my permission to pick me up and lead me effortlessly to magical moments.

I offer Intuitive tarot readings, Intuitive Coaching and Witchy healings. I have learned on this journey that I best serve others when I allow source to work through me, whether with my words or with my hands. I am able to tap into your highest timeline and will guide you on how to magnetize to it. I believe everyone has come here as the chosen one and that it's only your disbelief in that knowing that makes it untrue. I am a Catalyst here to help you reawaken that knowing within yourself.

Call or text me at 250.253.8505 or email me at, you can also visit my website at

Many blessings,

Rose Dupont ~ The Witchatarian

Price List

Intuitive Tarot Reading
I am an Intuitive Channel that can bring forth many messages, but will mostly focus on your Purpose and Mission on this planet. Why did you come here, and what are you meant to be doing? I am able to see what blocks you have and how to move you in a direction that will allow you to evolve, thrive and above all REMEMBER who you are at the Soul level. I will give you the insights to allow you to find your path.
45 min $100
Witchy Healing
These healings are a beautiful fusion of reiki, energy work, sound toning, light touch, sound healing, light language, sacred Hymns from Lemuria, and DNA upgrades and activations. I am sometimes able to see past lives and the blockages they hold in the body. I am then able to remove and cut cords that have been tied for lifetimes, allowing the release of patterning and beliefs that have been holding you back. All my clients' experiences are very different, some get visions, others fall asleep, but all feel big shifts in their own unique ways after the session is done.
1 hour $125
Intuitive Tarot & Witchy Healing Combo
A Intuitive Tarot Reading followed by a Witchy Healing that will be unique and will coincide with the messages that come through from source from that reading. Witchy healings include a combo of reiki, energy work, light language, sacred hymns from Lemuria and touch/massage. Intuition is what guides these healings, so no two will ever be the same.
1 hour $125
90 min $144


"I've never experienced someone who can create such a safe space to heal & step into their power until Rose's treatment I left feeling lighter than ever and would definitely recommend Rose to anyone looking to release old energy + step into truth and light! xo"

~Mickayla P.

"What an amazing experience at the Collective with this beautiful soul!!

Rose’s combo was such a mix of informative, reassuring & relaxing surrender!! The reading was amazing and she explained everything so well. The treatment afterwards completed the whole experience with healing and relaxation that left me feeling recharged and blissed out!!!

Highly recommend the Witchatarian to work her magic on you!!!"

~Melanie B.

"Rose has a beautiful way with her words, and an ability to explain the unexplainable. Direction, confirmation, encouragement, all things that I left with an abundance of. Like having a cup of tea with an old friend and talking deep about all the real change we can be for the earth, for humanity, for love."

~Jessica K.